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Custom Toppers

Customised handcraft toppers to add a touch of personalisation to your cake. Let us know your cake size/ look you are going for, if you have a ref pic of what you might be looking at, feel free to send it to us. This will better help us in providing you with a more accurate quotation.

Toppers are made to order & handcrafted, and we would love to provide your toppers with the attention and best quality work possible. So do allow at least 3-5 working days for us to craft & dry the toppers. If you need the topper urgently for some reason, you may speak with us, however its subjected to availability and if we deem it's possible to do so.

If you are a fellow baker (home-based or have a physical shop), we would love to collaborate with you. Just drop us your IG account or bakery's name :)

Submit your enquiries here.



Animal Toppers

Dinosaurs, Safari themed, Sea creatures, Unicorns, Pony

Size of approximately 2.5" - 3" tall, depending on complexity/ colours required.


Price starts from $25 onwards



Cars, Motorbikes, Buses, Trains, Rockets, Airplane

Sculpted with foam to shape before covering with sugar. Smallest size 4", due to the intricacy, we wont be able to craft them any smaller as it would lose alot of details.

Depending on complexity, size and colours required, price starts from $50 onwards.



Human figurines

A very popular choice for a personalised touch to the cake.

Send us a picture of the person, with details like clothings/costumes, pose, how you are planning to place the figurine on the cake (sitting at edge, cross legs, standing), additional props/ accessories. We will craft them into a cute-ish version :)

Note that wires and foams may be used to craft the figurine for stability and structure. 

Price starts from $70 onwards.

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