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  • I would like to order a custom topper. How do i go about it & the lead time required?
    Send us a ref pic if any of what you might be looking at along with the cake size you are planning to have the crafted topper on. As crafted toppers are made to order and handcrafted, to ensure that we have ample time to craft and dry the topper, we would highly recommend a lead time of 3-5 days and above if possible. However, if you do need the toppers urgently, you may still speak with us and we will see how we can help but no promise :)
  • What are the toppers made of? Are they edible?
    Sugar toppers are crafted using sugar dough aka fondant/ gumpaste. Making the topper food-grade and safe to be placed on cakes. Technically they are edible but depending on the complexity and size of the topper, we sometimes do incorporate non-edible components in the topper (eg. foam, wires) to help with the stability and structure. Which hence make eating them not advisable. But you can most definitely clean the toppers with a dry cloth or tissue, and keep them as a keepsake. If kept well, it can last for years :)
  • How do i preserve the toppers?
    Clean cream off the topper ( if any) with a dry cloth or tissue. Keep topper in a display box, fully covered & store with silica gel (do change this regularly to help maintain the dryness in box) Keep topper away from direct heat/ sunlight & moisture source. Best perserved in airconditioned room.
  • How do i make payment?
    To confirm the order, we do require the full amount due. This can be done either using Paynow or Paylah.
  • Do you offer cakes too? Are they very sweet? And Halal certified?
    We can do up the entire cake for you with the crafted toppers for you if you would prefer that. Our cakes does contains gluten, eggs, dairy and possible traces of nuts. The cakes we make are reduced sugar to the lowest level in ways we could so as not to compromise the texture of the cake. To view the reviews from our clients, hop over to our IG page @thecakedresser and click on the highlights tab under "REVIEWS". Our cakes does not contain alcohol or animal derivatives. However, we are not halal certified.
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