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I am Alice, a cake designer & sugar crafter of The Cake Dresser, specialising in fondant cakes and toppers.

Started crafting cakes/ toppers in 2010 purely out of fun. A time where I get to do things that has no fixed standards/ right way. I am free to explore & create, a time for me to rest, recharge and reconnect with myself. Unexpectedly it also turn into my way of connecting with the people around me when I share my creations/ passion with them.

Magical moments like when someone's face lit up at the sight of my artwork and making a toddler think it's his/her birthday and everyone starts celebrating.

As the years goes by and after attending various classes from various award winning sugar artists, I had this want to offer aspiring bakers a chance to explore, create and enjoy this little joy of mine (the connections and the fact that we are & can be as talented as anyone else).

You don't have to be artistic or possess special talents. Cake decorating is a skills and the good news is, skills can be acquired if you are willing to try. 

ps: I am not a trained professional baker (I was a trained nurse) nor an art student (my arts was average in school years). So if I can do it, so can u!

If you would like to stay updated on the happening, do feel free to connect with me via IG/FB. See you guys around!

Love, Alice

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