I am Alice, a cake designer & sugar crafter of The Cake Dresser, specialising in fondant cakes and toppers.

Started crafting cakes/ toppers in 2010 purely out of fun. It used to be an activity that is solely reserved for the weekends in my own kitchen (sometimes my cousin's kitchen too). Attended classes from various very talented/award winning sugar artists from around the world. Artists like Labelleaurore (Italy), Julie & flower (Korea), Sharon Wee (Australia), Nicholas Lodge (UK), etc...

Seeing the faces of the people around me lit up with each topper I crafted for them lifted me up and hence I am here today. It is also a place where I can find/see myself for who I am. 

2015, decided to share this little hobby of mine to the people out there who also shares the same passion. Started as a Wilton Certified Cake Decorating Instructor with a reputatable centre (closed down due to owner's personal reasons), met and shared my knowledge and passion to100 individuals. Since then I moved on to collaborating with various baking studios to share my knowledge on toppers crafting with fellow bakers or individuals who simply just want to have some fun/ try something new.

If you would like to stay updated on the happening, do feel free to connect with me via IG/FB. See you guys around!

Love, Alice